My Approach

My approach to psychotherapy is an eclectic one. Each client is different so a 'one size fits all' approach is not who you will find in me. I am consistently humbled by the resilience I see in clients. I give my best to create an empowering space in our therapy room or virtually; one that allows clients to build upon their personal strengths, as well as courageously uncover past wounds and current stressors. A portion of our work emphasizes early relational dynamics and messages around emotions (that you may or may not be conscious of having received). Majority of our focus is on the present (and future concerns) e.g., what brings you to therapy.​


I am trained as a cognitive behavioral therapist (CBT). Perhaps you have heard of "CBT" before. It is a heavily researched and evidence-based (In English: proof that it works from clinical trials) form of therapy. CBT is firmly established as a leading psychological and pragmatic regimen to help support those struggling with mental health conditions. CBT is an approach that I personally, have seen the highest success rates with clients. Together, we can create treatment goals and plans that feel right to you.

While I do use other therapeutic modalities; it's client dependent. I believe focusing on our present and current struggles will EMPOWER us to create change. CBT offers measurable goals; as well as exercises that clients can practice while in session and at home (a critical part towards feeling better). Without measurable goals, no matter how small or large, without them, what are we working towards, then?


Photos by:  Julie Stark

If you think about it, one "50 minute hour" once a week usually doesn't bring about the positive life changes you're seeking; though it's certainly a fantastic beginning. Together we'll figure out ways to help you practice certain actions outside the office and I'll provide you with the tools on how to do so.​

We'll go at your pace...