Looting = shooting? Really??

Sounds like the name of a new PS4 game.

I will not be writing about politics. I will say that when I briefly turned on the news this morning, I saw a horrific image of what occurred late Thursday night in Minneapolis. My prayers go out to those who have been wronged and violated. It appeared like the 'real-life version' of what kids play on their gaming consoles and neither are okay by me! Just seeing an image like this one can cause and or trigger 'real-life' anxiety.

Anxiety (disorders) can lead to panic attacks that can spiral out of control when the ‘fear of fear’ trumps (sorry!) the reality of the situation. Instead of being fearful of an actual threat, the fear response hijacks the brain and creates the neurobiological sensations of fear, even though in reality, there is no real threat and nothing to be afraid of. If you, a friend or family member are struggling with anxiety, I can offer you some tools to help break the cycle of anxiety.